Monday, November 28, 2011

Brothers get big surprise as 'Daddyyyy' returns home

Brothers get big surprise as 'Daddyyyy' returns home
While Emma was knee deep in AMS Camp Her husband had a nice welcome home from Iraq. It was very sweet. One of the boys asked Greg Chapman if he got to stay or if he was going to be leaving soon and Greg told the boys he wasn't leaving them anymore.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Trip to Arlington Cemetary

We ALL trekked to

Arlington, VA via bus and train for a burial and Memorial Service for the recently announced human remains from the Oct. 27th 2009 IED explosion that Dale was killed in while serving in Afghanistan. The Families of the those fallen soldiers were all informed, in a manner that was tragically similar to our initial meeting with Military officials to find out that Sgt Dale R. Griffin was KIA, that among the wreckage and shrapnel that has been gathered from that day's explosion there remained some human remains. The DNA is unidentifiable and would be buried in Arlington Cemetery under a grave marker with all the Soldiers' names on it. The memorial service was on Veteran's Day 2010, one year after our memorial for Dale here in Terre Haute, IN.

This photo is of all of us in Chicago just outside the train station. Family photos are not taken as often as we would like so the few moments when we are all in the same place are taken advantage of because we all often recall how delicate life is as well look back at photos of Dale. Photos that there won't be any more of nor opportunities to take photos with him.

My so called life.... not too shabby!

Staying at home and growing up with my kids is insane work, however, I never get bored especially since I get to play whatever I want to ...all day ... everyday! This does require napping more often than I have time for. I'll have to get around to the sleep thing later.

Thank you to all those who have cleared the path before me and made it possible for me to choose from so many different carrers and the ability to change my mind or switch as circumstances may need. I know the freedom and ease that I do have to choose my paths was not, itself, free.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving forward in time... Christmas present opening in Terre Haute with Griffins

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dale's Memorial Service

It was just windy enough to make driving up to this HUGE flag over the cemetery a humbling tribute to Dale and US veterans everywhere. Later, however, as we stood near Dale's earthly resting spot, I noticed that no wind blew, no birds sang, and the earth even seemed to be holding still while the sun rested half way down the horizon.

Sgt Dale R Griffin Memorial At South Vigo High School
The kids were amazingly quiet! Jack and Alex ended up falling asleep on Emily and Mark Green's lap.

Funeral Photos
I finally peeked at some of the photos. Here are a few I especially wanted to share with my Baker siblings and Mom & Dad.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Waiting outside the Terre Haute Airport Monday Morning.

Sgt Dale R Griffin

This was one of the most difficult weeks our family has had to face. With the killing of uncle Dale in afghanitsan and then the wait for his mortal body to arrive. Seemed awful and exhausting but we still had 3 day or some very beautiful but heart wrenching events. Thanks to everyone who came. Some of us felt so helpless and I personally was glad for all the hugs and all the Military men, women and families who gave Dona and Gene hugs, love, Support, faith, hope, and prayers!
Dona and Gene Griffin are so wonderful and generous to allow the media to cover Dale's killing and home coming. It allowed so many others to get a better glimpse of what so many families continually go through. It also allowed so many people to morn with us as we loose our brave soldiers daily. Freedom is not free. Lets not leave our troops hanging over there! I have always been impressed with those who choose to the serve out country through the Military but I now feel a great love and appreciation to the great work they fight for so that we may walk freely through our streets every day. God Bless you troops! You are amazing! and I am so sorry for how mush more loss you are experiencing as you continue to fight. Our prayers are with you! And maybe Dale can help kick some booty from his side of the veil. Please keep your heart and mind open for God has promised to help if only we ask and let him into our hearts!